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Exam Information

The Year 10 AH&H exam is timetabled for Thursday 31st October Period 1. Topics to be covered include:

Geographical issues

•           geographical issues affecting Australian environments including:

–          air quality

–          coastal management

–          land and water management  

–          spatial inequality

–          urban growth and decline

–          waste management



At least TWO geographical issues affecting Australian environments, selected from the list above (one study must include fieldwork):

–          the geographical processes relevant to the issue

–          the perceptions of different groups about the issue

–          individual, group and government responses to the issue

–          decision-making processes involved in the management of the issue

–          management of the issue and implications for sustainability, social justice and equity


  • investigate a geographical issue through fieldwork by developing and implementing a research action plan


The place of Australia in the world

•           Australia's location in relation to its near neighbours and their territorial boundaries


Australia's regional and global links

•           the ways Australia interacts with other nations including:

–          aid

–          communication

–          culture

–          defence          

 –          migration

–          tourism

–          trade

–          sport


At least ONE regional and global link chosen from aid, defence, migration or trade:

•           the nature of the link

•           the roles of the government and of non-government organisations in relation to the link

•           treaties and/or agreements relevant to the link

•           cultural, economic and geopolitical advantages and disadvantages to Australia

•           social justice and equity issues in Australia and other countries



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