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HSC Society and Culture

Assessment Tasks:

Continuity and change (docx 17 KB)

POP Culture assessment (docx 38 KB)

Personal Interest Project

Award winning PIPs                                                            

Example 1 (pdf 37 KB)                                                                

Example 2 (pdf 53 KB)

Example 3 (pdf 227 KB)

Example 4 (pdf 284 KB)

Example 5 (pdf 402 KB)

Example 6 (pdf 189 KB)

Example 7 (pdf 322 KB)

Example 8 (pdf 491 KB)


PIP (ppt 330 KB)

Create a fantastic PIP (pptx 131 KB)

PIP things to avoid (doc 24 KB)


Research Help!



Continuity and Change

Pleasantville scene showing the emergence of colour representative of introduction of change.



Impact of change in Libya 1 (docx 16 KB)

Mad Dog Doco notes (docx 14 KB)

Modernisation of Libya (docx 25 KB)

Why Now? Micro Transitions (pdf 51 KB)

Evolutionary theory (doc 23 KB)

Functionalism (doc 23 KB)

Social and Cultural Change (pptx 180 KB)

Pleasantville (docx 137 KB)

Social Theories (ppt 1549 KB)

Theories of social change (doc 20 KB)



Modernisation in Africa

Whos modernity?

Libya and Federalism

modernisation w/out western

mirage of the Arab spring

Technology in Libya

Libyan-battle social media

Does tech influence culture

POP Culture

pop culture


characteristics (pptx 1539 KB)

Regulation (pptx 127 KB) 

Rocky Horror Picture Show (pptx 744 KB)

television (pptx 742 KB)

technology (docx 162 KB)

 Consumption of Pop Culture (pptx 1208 KB)

Different perceptions of tv (pptx 121 KB)

tv and social change (pptx 59 KB)


Helpfull documents and articles

America In Prime Time (docx 336 KB)

 think of the child ad (pdf 519 KB)

Gender roles in tv (pdf 531 KB)


Social Conformity and Non Conformity


social conformity and obedi (pptx 79 KB)

responses to conformity (pptx 112 KB)

costs and benefits of devia (pptx 62 KB)

Deindividuation (pptx 68 KB)

conformity worksheet (docx 695 KB)

social cohesion (pdf 143 KB)Deviance worksheet (docx 15 KB)

deviance (ppt 465 KB)

deviant behaviour (ppt 1381 KB)

groupwork process (pdf 148 KB)

Deviant Heroes (pdf 110 KB)

KKK Values and norms (pdf 288 KB)

 social cohesion (pdf 143 KB)

social cohesiveness (pdf 147 KB)

subcultures (pptx 250 KB)

biker subculture (pdf 174 KB)