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Year 9 2012

Tuesday 28th February, saw 108, year 9 students at Glen Innes High School receive their Lenovo X130e Thinkpad (custom designed) laptop as part of the Commonwealth Government's Digital Education Revolution, which aims by 2012 to provide Years 9 to 12 students with a computer.   Our delivery of 115 laptops is a small part of the delivery of more than 60,000 laptops distributed to students across schools through Term 1. Lenovo has been selected as the supplier of the laptop personal computers provided to senior secondary students and teachers in NSW government secondary schools. Lenovo has created the DER devices specifically for the education sector. Each year the devices delivered have featured further improvements on the previous models, although the basic functionality will remain the same.  This new student laptop features: - the latest generation Intel Celeron 857 processor with a fast 4GB of memory; - an 11.6-inch anti-glare screen; -a new battery which is set to last the school day.  To help prevent wear and tear, this year's model includes an even more durable top cover, stronger keyboard and hinge, and a rubber protective bumper around the case.


Again students and parents/carers are required to sign a User Charter agreeing to a number of conditions of accepting the laptop.  The laptop is on loan to the student while they attend a government school in NSW or until they complete Year 12.


The laptops access the internet via a state of the art 5ghz 802.11n wireless network while at school.  Access points have been placed in most designated teaching space in the school.  Students are able to access the internet at home or in public areas such as McDonald's.


Technology Support Officer, Margo Cooper, said that there are  now  410 student laptops and 40 teacher laptops in the school.  This new technology allows for more opportunities for cooperative learning and more diverse teaching programs.  Studies have shown an increase in students' achievements, motivation and engagement in the classroom. 


The 2012 rollout is the fourth in the $446 million Digital Education Revolution program which began in 2009. The program aims to provide every student in Years 9 to 12 with a laptop, and those students who receive a laptop in Year 9 and complete Year 12 are entitled to keep the laptop once they leave school.



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